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Protects Oceanic Health
Protects Oceanic Health
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Committed to Supporting Ocean Cleanup

You shouldn't have to choose between luxurious comfort and protecting the environment. We've designed the Drumi mattress to offer superior support for you and our oceans.


Every Drumi mattress cover supports the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE , by helping to clean our oceans of marine litter and upcycling it into high-quality textiles. In other words, every Drumi mattress protects oceanic health — which helps us drift off to sleep with a clean conscience. Visit seaqual.org and follow @seaqual.initiative to learn more.
Supporting Coral Reef Conservation

Protecting Coral Reefs

We donate a part of the proceeds from every mattress sold to Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao, a trusted organization that’s restoring the coral reefs around our home island. With each mattress purchase, you’ll adopt a small piece of coral in the foundation’s nursery, and a portion of the proceeds from your mattress will support its growth until it reaches maturity and is out-planted on the island’s own reef. You’ll even get an official certification letter of your adopted coral.
Minimizing Plastic Waste

Minimizing Plastic Waste

Unlike most bed-in-a-box companies that use large amounts of wasteful plastic packaging, we rely on reusable materials in our delivery process. Plus, our Green Glove Delivery team will even help set up your new mattress in your room of choice for free.
Handcrafted in the USA

Drumi is based in Boston, Massachusetts. We’re proud to handcraft all of our mattresses here in the United States.

We’re committed to providing the best possible delivery experience, and we’ll post updates as our delivery coverage grows.

Hear from happy sleepers

I love that Drumi did all of the work for me and I didn’t have to select certain benefits over others. The only choice I had to make is to choose Drumi, and they’ve created the perfect mattress. I’m not a mattress expert, so I’m glad they are! They also make delivery so simple. It was easy to schedule my delivery and they removed my old mattress for no charge.

Cambridge , MA

I have found my dream mattress. No more tossing and turning with my luxuriously comfortable mattress. I look forward to bedtime every night now.

Cambridge , MA

I LOVE my Drumi mattress! I didn’t realize what I was missing until I got a Drumi mattress. I was sleeping on an old spring mattress and waking up with neck and back stiffness. I’ve been sleeping on a Drumi mattress for about 6 months now and all of my stiffness is gone. I had never slept on a hybrid mattress before so I was a little bit nervous that it would be too soft, but it’s just the right firmness. I highly recommend!

Boston , MA

I love my Drumi mattress! It is super supportive, while also being perfectly plush and cozy. I also really enjoy the look of the simple clean design.

Boston , MA
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