Your Bed Sheet Buying Guide

Your Bed Sheet Buying Guide

Choosing the right sheets is just as important as purchasing a supportive mattress for getting a good night’s sleep. Consider these factors when buying new sheets.

Thread Count

The thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. It is calculated by counting the horizontal and vertical threads. There is a misconception that sheets of higher thread count are of better quality. A thread count of 200 – 800 is considered very good, with a range of 300 – 400 being ideal. The sheets are softer and more durable.

Weave Type
Two of the most common weaves are:

  • Percale: Fabric designed with one yarn under and one yarn over. It gives the sheets a crisper, smoother finish. The sheets are extremely breathable and help you sleep cool.
  • Sateen: Fabric designed with one yarn under and three or four yarns over. These sheets have a silkier, more shiny finish because of this weave. The downside of this weave is that it tends to retain heat, which can make you feel hot while you sleep.


  • Cotton: Cotton is the most commonly used material for sheets since it is breathable and easy to maintain. Cotton, though readily accessible, is not always sustainable. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for certified cotton sheets. Drumi’s organic cotton sheet set is Fair Trade and GOTS certified. These sheets are free of pesticides and harsh chemicals, and are safe for you and the environment.
  • Bamboo: Sheets made from bamboo thread are soft, silky, and strong. The material wicks away heat and keeps you cool while you sleep. There is a lot of chemical processing involved in the making of bamboo sheets, which makes them more expensive than cotton.
  • Microfiber: These sheets are made of tightly woven, synthetic fiber (usually polyester). Although they are strong and durable, they may not be as breathable as cotton sheets.


When buying sheets, size is a simple yet overlooked factor. Not all sheets will fit your mattress. The standard sheet size usually fits mattresses up to 12 inches deep (or thick). For mattresses thicker than this, you’ll need to consider deep pocketed sheets.

Drumi Sheet Size Guide

  • Full
    Flat Sheet:90″x 105″
    Fitted Sheet: 54″x 75″x 16″
    Pillowcases: 20″x 30″
  • Queen
    Flat Sheet:96″x 105″
    Fitted Sheet: 60″x 80″x 16″
    Pillowcases: 20″x 30″
  • King
    Flat Sheet:108″x 105″
    Fitted Sheet: 78″x 80″x 16″
    Pillowcases: 20″x 40″
  • Cal King
    Flat Sheet:108″x 105″
    Fitted Sheet: 72″x 84″x 16″
    Pillowcases: 20″x 40″

With this information, we hope you’ll make the right choice to sleep comfortably and cool all night long. Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions. We are always available to help!

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