What is a Hybrid Mattress?

What is a Hybrid Mattress?
Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses use rows of coil springs as the main support structure. These coils make up the core of the mattress, and are covered by top and bottom foam layers. These layers help add comfort and support to the sturdiness of the coils.
Many people don’t know that there are actually several different types of coils that can be used in a hybrid mattress. The three main options include:

  1. Continuous Coils: The coils in this type of spring mattress are S-shaped and made from one long wire. The interlinking of this coil system can provide a stable structure.
  2. Bonnell Springs: These springs are shaped like an hourglass, and are connected to each other. This can provide a great deal of support, but also means that motion transfer can be an issue.
  3.  Pocket Springs: Most hybrid mattresses have coils that are wired together, but pocket spring mattresses include individually wrapped coils. This makes it possible for each pocket of coils to act independently and respond quickly to movement.

Drumi uses pocket springs because this helps prevent motion transfer in addition to a few other benefits listed below, including temperature control and support.


Drumi Hybrid Mattress Pros and Cons


  • No off-gassing: Since the mattress is hand delivered and never compressed, there is no off-gassing smell, which usually leaves a chemical odor and takes a few days to air out. (Off-gassing typically occurs as chemical particles settle in new, manufactured items and they release volatile compounds that create a chemical smell. Since Drumi doesn’t roll compress mattresses, and uses less plastic in packaging, this eliminates the off-gassing).
  • Enhanced edge support: The foam encased design helps provide support from edge to edge of the mattress, so you won’t ever feel like you are falling off the bed.
  • Better air-flow: The pocketed coils allow for better air-flow, helping you sleep cooler all night long.
  • Minimized motion transfer: The Serene® foam layer and pocketed coils helps reduce motion transfer so if you are sleeping with a partner that frequently moves at night, you will not be disturbed.
  • Superior pressure relief: The mattress contours to the body’s shape, without putting too much pressure on the hips or the shoulders.

*Serene® is a registered trademark of Carpenter Co.




  • Not vegan: Drumi is not a vegan product because we believe a full latex mattress or a latex hybrid mattress don’t offer the luxurious support. We think you shouldn’t have to choose between being eco-conscious and superior support. That’s why we designed Drumi: its hybrid, cooling design creates the ultimate comfort with sustainable materials that you can feel good about
  • More expensive: Since the mattress is hand delivered and made with premium materials, it’s more expensive than foam mattresses in a box. The initial payment may sting but when you break the payment down for the mattress’ intended lifetime of 10 years, you’re paying around $3 a week; an investment in better sleep overtime.
  • Heavy:The high density layers in the mattress make the product quite heavy and difficult to move around.


How we compare: 
Brand Price (Queen Size, Hybrid Mattress)
Drumi $995
Saatva $1,695
Casper $1,525
Leesa $1,699

*Prices as of 2/21/2022 

Better Than Mattress in a Box

Drumi is not a “mattress in a box” company and instead wishes to differentiate itself from the crowd. Drumi is an online, luxury, hybrid mattress company, which combines the “best of both worlds.” Using a combination of foams, latex and pocketed coils, the mattress is designed to provide optimal coolness, comfort and support.

Drumi is seeking to differentiate themselves from the “mattress-in-a-box” competitors. The tightly rolled mattresses can take days to reach their final shape, without a delivery team present, customers must handle the large and awkward boxes themselves, and once opened they often begin “off-gassing,” which creates a chemical odor. Drumi therefore offers a Green Glove Delivery program, where their team will set up the new mattress in your room of choice, and remove the old one free of charge—all while minimizing wasteful packaging and plastics at every stage from design to delivery.

Though we think Drumi is a fit for any sleeper, we get the most popular feedback from light sleepers due to its minimized motion transfer as well as sleepers with back pain, due to its superior pressure relief. Check out our personal testimonials here.

Press Mentions:

“Ditching the current mattress-in-a-box craze, they launched Drumi, a hand-crafted, hand-delivered hybrid mattress that doesn’t have to unfurl or expand.”

“Not only are the mattresses made with the intention of giving their owners a chance to ‘sleep like they are on vacation’, but every aspect of their process has also been crafted with the environment in mind.”

“Drumi’s hybrid mattress is designed with all kinds of sleepers in mind, providing the perfect “sweet spot” between firm and soft..”

Choosing the right mattress shouldn’t be stressful, and it’s important to us that you’re confident in your choice. We’re here to make your shopping experience honest and hassle-free. We believe in honesty and transparency, and therefore don’t hide behind mysterious “branded” names for the materials we use, because we’re proud to have built Drumi from the best of the best.


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