What Are Percale Sheets?

What Are Percale Sheets?

What are percale sheets?

We often hear the terms percale and sateen when discussing sheets, but what do these terms mean? Their main difference is the weave type.

Percale is a fabric with one yarn under and one yarn over. It gives sheets a crisp and smooth finish. Percale sheets are very breathable and help you sleep cool. They tend to become softer as you wash them.


Satin fabric is made with one yarn under and three or four yarns over. The weave of these sheets gives them a silkier, more shiny finish. As a result of this weave, it tends to retain heat, making you feel hot while sleeping.


The Pros and Cons of Percale Sheets

Percale sheets are breathable, cool, and crisp. The Percale weave provides a smooth feel to the sheets, making them a popular choice, but it also has a few drawbacks. The benefits and drawbacks of percale sheets are discussed below.

Let’s start with the benefits, which much exceed the disadvantages. You receive all the benefits of using natural materials instead of synthetic fabrics because most Percale weaves are constructed with cotton fabrics. Cotton is highly breathable, and the Percale weave is light, preventing heat from being trapped. As a result, the sheets are ideal for hot sleepers.

Have you ever gone on vacation and fallen in love with the plush hotel sheets? Cotton’s long natural fibers assist to create a smooth surface, and the sheets’ tight knit weave gives them a luxurious feel. The weaving makes the sheets extremely strong and long-lasting.

It’s possible that percale sheets aren’t for everyone. They are prone to creases and are not recommended for cold sleepers. After each wash, cotton materials are prone to wrinkling. If you sleep cold, the sheets may not be suitable because they are quite breathable. For cold sleepers, fleece and flannel sheets may be a preferable choice.

Percale sheets are a popular option due to its coolness, crispness, breathability, and durability. The linens are easy to care for and get softer with each wash. Selecting the right bed linens and mattress will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Drumi Percale Sheets Reviews

“Most hotel-like organic sheet set”

“As soon as I got settled in bed, I couldn’t help but to wrap the sheets around me because they felt AMAZING!”


What is a good thread count for sheets?

The thread count indicates the number of threads per square inch of fabric. It is determined by counting the horizontal and vertical threads. There is a misconception that sheets with a higher thread count are of better quality. A thread count of 200 to 800 is considered very good, and 300 to 400 is ideal. These sheets are softer and more durable.

What is the best material for sheets to keep you cool?

Cotton: Cotton is the most common material for sheets since it is easy to maintain and is breathable. Cotton, though readily available, is not always sustainable. This is why you should look for certified cotton sheets. Drumi’s organic cotton sheets are Fair Trade and GOTS certified. The sheets are free of pesticides and harsh chemicals, and are safe for you and the environment.

Linen: Sheets made of linen are more breathable due to their longer fibers, hence they keep you cool while you sleep. In comparison to cotton sheets, they have a much lower thread count and are not as soft to begin with. These sheets may require a longer period of adjustment.

Bamboo: Bamboo thread makes sheets soft, silky, and strong. It wicks away heat and keeps you cool while you sleep. Bamboo sheets require a great deal of chemical processing, which makes them more expensive compared to cotton sheets.

Microfiber: These sheets are made from tightly woven synthetic fibers (usually polyester). Even though they are strong and durable, they may not be as breathable as cotton sheets.

It is therefore recommended that you select organic cotton percale sheets since they are more breathable and sustainable and help you sleep cooler.

Washing and Drying Care

Percale sheets require little upkeep and may be laundered at home. After all, with each wash, they become softer. We suggest washing your sheets the first time you use them and then once a week after that. Because of the nature of natural fibers, the sheets may shrink after the first wash, but the size will remain consistent after that.

It’s best to machine wash in warm water with non-chlorine bleach on a gentle cycle. It is also safe to iron your linens after tumble drying on low heat.

Price Comparison

Brand Name Queen Size Price Thread Count
Drumi $150 400
Brooklinen $149 270
Boll & Brand $258 300
Parachute Home $224 N/A

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