Understanding Oceanic Health

Understanding Oceanic Health

Ocean health has always been important to us at Drumi. Growing up on the island of Curacao, the ocean was our backyard—and as we saw the world’s ocean health deteriorate from plastic pollution to rising tides, we committed to ensuring our company would be eco-conscious.

To better understand ocean health as one of our key missions at Drumi, we wanted to dedicate a post to the basics of ocean health: What is it? Why is it important? What is threatening it? How do our choices ultimately alter it? We’re hoping that once you understand and appreciate our oceans for what they are, you’ll be able to recognize why this is a critically core value at the foundation of our mattresses, and throughout our company ethos.

What is ocean health?

Ocean health is an all-encompassing term for measuring the quality of our oceans, including everything from rising water temperatures, to the quantity of marine life, to the state of our coral reefs. Measured by the Ocean Health Index, a “healthy ocean” is considered one that, “delivers the most benefits for us [humans] that it can without jeopardizing the future health or function of the web of life that the ocean contains.”

Why is it so important? 

The ocean is more than a pretty landscape, it’s a key provider. Economically, nutritionally, and environmentally, the ocean benefits us in more ways than we know. If you don’t live within driving distance to the ocean, it’s often easy to forget how much we rely on the ocean. The Ocean Health Index reminds us with these statistics:

Environmentally, oceans hold 97% of the planet’s water and produce more than half of the oxygen in our atmosphere (helping to control the climate).
Economically, ocean-based businesses contribute to more than 38 million jobs globally.
Nutritionally, one billion people rely on fish as their basic protein (that number will only continue to climb as the population increases).

What is threatening it? 

Ironically, with so much of the global population reliant on the ocean, humans are the ocean’s biggest ongoing threat. How exactly? Through our day-to-day lifestyles, over-exploitation and ignorance when it comes to how life on land affects the underworld ecosystem. We’re sure you’ve heard some of these terms before: climate change, ocean acidification, overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution and spread of invasive species.

This is why the OHI created a comprehensible framework that allows populations to continue to benefit from the ocean’s resources, but in a more responsible, sustainable way. You can find out more about your country’s specific goals allocated based on evaluation by the OHI, here.

What can you do to help? 

The first step to understanding how you can help is to familiarize yourself with what your country or zone is doing to control ocean health. From here, there are steps you can follow which help work toward a tangible end goal. But in general, as with any undertaking of environmental health at a global level, steps like lowering your carbon footprint, reducing waste (especially plastic), and buying fish from responsible distributors are a reasonable start.

So what is Drumi doing to help?

Unlike boxed mattress companies, our green glove delivery service includes delivery without any wasteful plastic or packaging and removal of your old mattress, with responsible recycling of materials.

In addition, Drumi supports the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, which helps clean our oceans from marine litter. The mattress cover is made with sustainable SEAQUAL® YARN, crafted by removing plastic from our oceans and turning it into high quality textiles. There are approximately 35 plastic bottles used in every queen-sized cover. And, we donate a part of all mattress proceeds to the Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao to encourage reef regrowth (healthy reefs contribute to healthy oceans). Our customers thus far have found purchasing a Drumi mattress is the first step in the right direction to individually supporting ocean health; will you take that step?

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