Drumi’s Mattress Recycling Effort in Massachusetts

Drumi’s Mattress Recycling Effort in Massachusetts

Drumi is partnering with Green Mattress – the largest mattress recycling facility in greater Massachusetts – to remove and recycle customer’s old mattresses when they purchase a Drumi mattress. This service will only be offered to Massachusetts-based customers.

Green Mattress Recycling is a Boston based company that first opened its doors in 2019.

Their goal is to recycle over 95% of mattress components, reducing waste in landfills and diminishing carbon footprint. Mattresses consume valuable air space in landfills due to their inability to be properly compacted and processed. Additionally, they waste space in transfer stations and transfer trucks, which leads to more trips to and from the landfills and emits higher carbon levels. In 2018, 600,000 mattresses were disposed of in Massachusetts. Only 11% of those were recycled.

Green Mattress is equipped to handle a minimum of 500,000 mattresses per year.  Through recycling, GM reduces the loads on landfills and transfer stations by almost 50% annually. If mattresses are declared a waste ban item, they could expect to remove 10 million pounds of carbon a year – the equivalent of removing 1,000 vehicles from the road.

The Green Mattress process is straightforward and effective. GM receives mattresses from businesses, towns, and consumers (like you!). Each mattress or box spring is sent along a conveyor system, where they are cut open and the cloth and foam are extracted. The cloth is sold to fiber recyclers who use it for industrial oil filters and other textile applications. The foam padding is turned into carpet underlayment or animal bed padding. Finally, the metal springs and pocket coils are then processed and sold to scrap recyclers who sell to steel mills and foundries.

Green Mattress is committed to improving the mattress recycling process and is constantly investing in new machinery to reach their recycling goals. They have recently partnered with Drumi in order to ensure that old mattress stays out of landfills and the waste stream.

To learn more about Green Mattress removal’s services and commitment to sustainability, visit greenmattressco.com.

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