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What is DRUMI?

Drumi is a luxury mattress and sleep technology brand with a mission to give back to our oceans. Designed in the USA, Drumi offers customers products made of premium, sustainable materials for the coolest sleep, supreme comfort, and effortless delivery.


Each Drumi mattress helps to clean our oceans from marine litter by supporting the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. The outer cover is made with sustainable SEAQUAL® YARN, containing upcycled marine plastic. Plus, we donate a portion of our proceeds to Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao.


Drumi’s premium hybrid design combines Talalay latex, heat-wicking Serene® Foam, individually wrapped pocketed coils, and a breathable outer cover to provide just the right balance of soſtness and support — and keep you cooler all night long. Serene® is a registered trademark of Carpenter Co.


We’ll deliver your new mattress and set it up in your room of choice for free — all while minimizing wasteful packaging and plastics at every stage from design to delivery. Our expert Green Glove Delivery team makes the whole process effortless.
Chiropractor Approved

At my chiropractic practice, I am often asked about the ideal mattress type for back pain. I recommend the Drumi mattress. Drumi’s pocketed coils provide the firmness needed to support the spine while the upper foam layer offers suppleness and luxurious comfort making the hybrid design the best of both worlds. Quality sleep is a key factor in supporting health, longevity, productivity and recovery. After having personally slept on a Drumi mattress for the last month, I can confidently say that this mattress has improved my sleep quality. The serene foam layer helps to regulate my body temperature and stay cool without waking. Since using this mattress, I am never disturbed by my partner’s movement in the middle of the night thanks to Drumi’s hybrid layering.

Hear from happy sleepers

I love my Drumi mattress! It is super supportive, while also being perfectly plush and cozy. I also really enjoy the look of the simple clean design.

Boston , MA

I just received my Drumi sheets and I could not be happier. Soft, not too hot, I love these sheets + pillowcases and my partner does too. I especially love the subtle-yet-thoughtful shell detail is everything. Don’t delay on these!!!

Jacqueline M. Cooke
Norwell , MA

I have found my dream mattress. No more tossing and turning with my luxuriously comfortable mattress. I look forward to bedtime every night now.

Cambridge , MA
Made in the USA

Drumi is based in Boston, Massachusetts. All of our mattresses are handcrafted in the United States, with the highest quality material standards.

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From marine litter to mattress

We're proud to be the first online mattress company in the United States to support the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. Our mattresses are made with sustainable and traceable SEAQUAL®YARN, crafted by removing plastic from our oceans and turning it into high-quality textiles.
Better than bed-in-a-box
  • no-odor
    No “new mattress” odor
  • no-lifting
    No lifting a finger
  • no-waste
    No wasteful packaging
  • no-disposal
    No old mattress disposal problems

Our Green Glove Delivery team will set up your new Drumi mattress in your room of choice – and take away your old one for free.

Plus, you’ll be able to sleep on your new mattress the first night. Most bed-in-a-box companies aren’t up front about the obstacles that come with the box: Those tightly rolled mattresses can take days to reach their final shape, are bulky and difficult to lift, and often let off a strong chemical odor (known as “off-gassing”) once the wasteful packaging is opened. Since we don’t package our mattresses that way, you won’t have to deal with any of those issues.

We’ve made shopping and delivery simple from start to finish, so you can experience your best sleep right away.

An Eco-Conscious Mattress that Doesn't Sacrifice Comfort

Many of today’s popular mattresses are built without any attention to their impact on the environment. Other eco-conscious mattresses don’t offer luxurious support. We think you shouldn’t have to choose. That’s why we designed Drumi: its hybrid, cooling design creates the ultimate comfort with sustainable materials that you can feel good about. Plus, every Drumi mattress helps support the Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao and minimizes packaging waste, so you can rest easy while supporting oceanic health.

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